What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis and is supposed to provide significant health benefits without being psychoactive. In a nutshell, this means CBD provides all the therapeutic effects of Cannabis without any of the bad stuff, e.g. addiction, stoned effect, etc.

As such, there’s little wonder that CBD has elicited a lot of interest. After all, there’s no shortage of people hoping to find relief from various physical and mental ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, just to name a few.

What are the available forms of CBD?

Sifting through the various CBD products available on the internet, you will find that the most common form of CBD would be CBD oil. Available in various concentrations, these are generally taken by sublingual administration, i.e. putting a few drops of it under the tongue allowing the CBD to enter the bloodstream directly instead of through the digestive tract.

Theoretically, this is all well and good but those with more sensitive taste buds may find the taste of the oil – though not particularly repulsive – not particularly appealing either. This is where flavoured CBD oil comes into play, providing a better tasting alternative for consumers.

However, taking ease of consumption one step further leads us to the CBD chewing gum. Undoubtedly a childhood favourite for many, it goes without saying that if CBD chewing gum tastes even half as good as traditional chewing gum, this would be an easy and pleasant way to consume CBD.

The brand that stood out for me was Endoca – boasting pure and natural ingredients such as:

  • Chicle Gum ethically sourced from the Rain Forest
  • Xylitol a natural sweetener found in Birch Trees
  • Wild Peppermint and Mint essential oils
  • Sunflower lecithin supporting brain and neurotransmitter function

Each piece of gum contains hemp oil with 15 mg CBD and comes in a box of 10 pieces (TOTAL: 150mg CBD).

100% organic and free from nasty stuff like sugar, plastic, chemicals and preservatives, this definitely sounds like good stuff. In fact, you can read more about all the details here, if you like. So now that our brains are satisfied, how about the taste?



Results of the taste test

The 2nd pic above shows how the gum looks like out of the box. Once you open the wrapper, you’ll see an unassuming, rectangular, greenish-hued piece of gum.

Once in my mouth, the chew test begins and lo and behold – it’s minty, sweet and delicious, as good as any run-of-the-mill chewing gum – but only for about 3 chews. Yup, that’s right, the taste really did go away quite quickly.

However, what’s left isn’t bad tasting at all, it’s still minty just without the sweetness and there’s no taste of cbd oil at all which I personally marvelled at. I definitely think no one would have a problem with having to chew this for about 20-30 minutes (as recommended by the customer service person from Endoca). Well at least I didn’t have any issues except for a slightly achy jaw not used to such prolonged chewing – guess I’m usually a fast eater who scarfs down my food.

So all in all, I’m pretty much ecstatic with this product in terms of taste and ease of use. As for the effectiveness of the cbd content, I can’t really say much as I just started using it but so far there hasn’t been any ill effects except for a slight nauseous feeling if I have it on a too empty stomach – though this could be a ‘me’ thing – I get this even when taking multivitamins.

Basically, I just need to eat some food after I take the chewing gum and not leave my stomach empty to avoid this side effect.

Where do I buy CBD chewing gum?

If you wanna give it a try, you can click here to go to the official site to purchase it. It’s an affiliate link so I’ll earn some money if you end up purchasing using the link but other than that, this review has not been sponsored and is purely based of my actual experiences using the product.

Also, you can use discount coupon code: cor20 to get 20% off your purchase on the site and they provide free worldwide shipping if your total purchase exceeds €100. Well, that’s it for my Endoca CBD chewing gum review. Whatever your health issue may be, I wish you all the best in exploring the world of CBD and hope you find the right product for you!