N (Cha Hak-yeon), the leader of K-Pop group Vixx, recounted an incident that occured when the globally popular group was in Kazakhstan. N shared the memory during his appearance on Radio Star, a South Korean entertainment show, on March 7th, 2018.

According to N, when Vixx was in Kazakhstan, something happened on the day they were supposed to leave which left a lasting impression. They had arrived at the airport to catch their departing flight back to Korea and their managers had just gotten out of the bus when the driver suddenly sped of with the members still in the vehicle.

When they asked the driver where he was going, he explained that they were being taken to the airport lounge. As such, the members were not alarmed even when they saw that their managers were screaming while chasing after them on foot behind the bus.

N and fellow guest Sam Hammington during the show.

They just thought that the managers had not been informed about it and remained oblivious and relaxed, with some members even managing to fall asleep during the journey. N further explained that they thought they were just being treated as honoured guests when informed they were being taken to the lounge.

In fact, once they arrived and were resting at the lounge, their managers also arrived but remained outside the lounge and were prevented from entering by security guards. Again, Vixx asked whether the managers were not informed and if they could be let into the lounge but were told by officials that the lounge was only for honoured guests.

The members  only realized something was amiss when the lounge doors opened and a high school girl came in to meet them. Apparently, the girl was a Kazakh princess who was an avid Vixx fan (particularly of N) who had arranged for them to be brought there so that she could meet the members personally.

VIXX at KCON LA 2017

The 6 members of VIXX at KCON LA 2017

Although a google search didn’t unearth any info on Kazakh royalty, it’s possible N was referring to a daughter of a high ranking official in the country. N also didn’t specify when the incident occured but a Wikipedia entry on Vixx states the group was in Astana, Kazakhstan for the VIXX Fansign Meeting Feel Korea Kazakhstan on September 24, 2016 so this could be when it happened. You can view N’s recounting of the full story in episode 563 of MBC’s Radio Star.