Hey everyone,

So I think most of you out there who are consumers of AFAMAXX – whether you’re already a member or just thinking about joining, might not really know or feel unsure about why you should join as a member in the first place. I mean, why can’t you just buy it from existing members or agents/stockists out there without becoming a member yourself right?

To answer that, I’ve listed the reasons below for your consideration:

To purchase AFAMAXX at the member price

Since AFAMAXX is a good supplement which you’ve tried and wanna keep using, naturally you’d like to have it at the cheapest price possible.

As such, becoming a member is a no-brainer since it immediately gives you a hefty RM30 off the recommended retail price, i.e. member price = RM150 while non-member price = RM180.

Besides, purchasing 2 bottles already entitles you to lifetime membership at no additional cost so of course you’d like to enjoy the savings mentioned above since it won’t cost you anything anyway.

To earn cashback bonuses from future purchases

So this is how it works –  once you’re a member, every bottle of AFAMAXX you purchase gives you 50 epoints value (PV). What can you do with these PVs?

2 things – you can either (a) use your PVs to register new members under your name, i.e. build your downline or (b) use them as repurchase points for your existing downline.

Why would you do (a) or (b)? Because everytime you use your points in either of these 2 ways, you earn cash in your ewallet. Every 50 PVs used = RM15 in your ewallet (or RM20 if you’re a diamond level member).

What this means is everytime you purchase a bottle of AFAMAXX you’ll be earning at least RM15. AFAMAXX has a great online site where you can self-register new members or repurchases and view your PVs, ewallet balances and other details so you can easily keep track of your earnings.

I’ll be writing another post on how to use the online system in detail so you can refer to that when you wanna start earning in future.

To purchase AFAMAXX at cheaper than the member price

The member price is RM150 so does that mean it’s possible to buy it for even less?

Yes! BUT, only slightly. With a Diamond membership, you get to purchase AFAMAXX at Rm147.50 – which gives you a small discount of RM2.50 per bottle.

This isn’t much I know, especially considering you have to buy 40 bottles of AFAMAXX to attain Diamond membership but in the long run RM2.50 per bottle may really add up especially if you have family members or friends who also consume AFAMAXX and buy the product through you.

More importantly than the slightly cheaper purchase price though, is the fact that Diamond level members earn more cash bonus than other members, i.e. RM20 per 50PVs instead of RM15 (see details in point no. 2 above).

To become an AFAMAXX seller

The previous points have explained how you can earn back some cash by using your PVs everytime you purchase AFAMAXX so even if you’re just a consumer and not a seller you’ll already be able to earn some money.

So imagine if you also sell AFAMAXX to others and not just consume it yourself, wouldn’t you be earning even more? Yes, most definitely!

The more you sell, the more PVs you’ll earn and convert to cash. With a low starting capital of just RM300 (purchase of 2 bottles of AFAMAXX) granting you a lifetime membership and the right to start selling AFAMAXX right away, this is certainly a profitable business anyone can start!

To earn passive income

In addition to the cash you earn whenever you use your PVs as described in the earlier points above, you’ll also be able to earn income whenever someone in your downline uses their PVs to earn cash. The more PVs they use and earn, the more cash bonus you’ll receive too.

So these are the main reasons to become an AFAMAXX member whether you consume the product yourself or plan to sell it to others to earn income.

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