The Kdrama series Miss Hammurabi recently concluded its 16-episode run on July 16th, 2018 so to fans of the drama who need a pick-me-up – here are some fun facts about the leads of Ms. Hammurabi, Kim Myung Soo (L from Infinite) and Go Ara.

The two leads shared these interesting tidbits about themselves when they guest starred on episode 131 of Knowing Brothers, a popular South Korean variety show. Without further ado, let’s start shall we?

Go Ara and Kim Myung Soo during their appearance on Knowing Bros

Go Ara has a magician brother

Go Ara’s younger brother Go Yun-seok is a magician and the proud big sis tried to perform a few magic tricks herself to entertain the class of Knowing Bros on the show. The actress’ adorable but less than perfect attempts were amusing to watch and drew laughter from the cast members.

Kim Myung Soo (L from Infinite) has curly hair

The good looking actor surprised everyone when he confessed to having naturally curly hair and that his usually perfectly coiffed hair is a result of hair straightening treatments. He even shared a picture from his school days sporting big frizzy hair as proof!

Kim Myung Soo’s naturally curly hair

Kim Myung Soo (L from Infinite) is the king of Limbo

On a segment of the show, the actor mentioned he had a talent for playing Limbo and was promptly challenged to a game by the cast members where he proved his claim to be true. The cast was amazed at how he was able to flex his ankles to lower his body and beat everyone at the game.

Kim Myung Soo (L from Infinite) can’t eat Jjajamyeong or drink chocolate milk

The actor explained how he can’t eat these two foods without puking. In the past he had had bad experiences of gagging after overly gorging on these foods. Afterwards, he found that he could no longer eat these foods without throwing up afterwards.

Go Ara taught Henry Korean

During her time with SM Entertainment, she tutored fellow trainee Henry on the Korean language when he first arrived from the US. Apparently Henry didn’t know any Korean when he first came. Since Go Ara wanted to learn English, she thought it was a great idea to help each other learn one another’s language.

Go Ara wanted to be a news anchor

According to the actress, her childhood dream was to become a news anchor, not an actress. She shared how she had mentioned this during her appearance on a live South Korean tv show called ‘Newsroom’ where the host on that show told her that she could still apply to be one but there’d be no guarantee that she’d pass. Even though she’s happy with her current career as an actress she continues to admire news anchors and thinks it is a cool profession.

Go Ara during her appearance on Knowing Bros

Go Ara hates scary things

The actress revealed she has a fear of horror films and scary things in general and used to avoid any acting roles in the horror genre. However as she grew older she wanted to challenge herself and try different genres which led her to accept the main role in the Kdrama ‘Black’ – a drama where her character has the ability to see dark shadows foretelling death. While acting in the drama she was so immersed in the role she often suffered from sleep paralysis.